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Aertek hand dryers are backed up within Northern Ireland by on-site warranties for the entire duration of their warranties.
The AirJet is the most popular high speed low energy hand dryer and Aertek Triclone is the fastest, most hygienic, hands-in hand dryer.
Airdri Hand Dryers
Airdri have been manufacturing hand dryers in the UK since 1974 and is still a family-owned business.
Airdri are behind the Ultra-low Energy hand dryer Quantum and combine this technolgy with UVC sterilising in the PureDri.
dyson hand dryers logo
Dyson are a powerhouse of invention with some ground breaking products. Their hands-in Airblade, though not unique, caused a groundswell in the market officially spawning a new genre.
They now lead the market with their Airblade V.
Pebble Hand Dryers
Pebble hand dryer is the 'Plug & Play' hand dryer.
It has a unique docking station which allows it to be removed and replaced in under a minute for upgrading or maintenance.
Available as standard with HEPA filters, Mini or Pebble+ with UVC Steriliser.

Low and Ultra-Low Energy Hand Dryers

Ultra-low Energy Hand Dryers are those whose power consumption is 600W or less (low energy is 601-1600W).
Comparing this to the traditional hand dryers which were 2500W+ and at least twice as long to dry your hands, these represent energy savings of over 90%.
Dyson Airblade V HU02
Dyson Airblade V

Undisputably the leader in hands-under hand dryers, certainly by market-share.
The newest Airblade V (HU02) is 1000W place it firmly in the Low Energy category.
Pebble Plug & Play Hand Dryer
Pebble Plug & Play

Pebble Plug & Play has a unique smooth pebble-esque design with neon indicators.
Its hospital-grade HEPA filters clean the air before it reaches your hands. Fast and quiet, it is suitable for all wahrooms.
Airdri Quantum Hand Dryer
Airdri Quantum

Airdri Quantum is the lowest power comsumption of any hand dryer (at maxiumum setting).
It dries your hands in around 12 seconds using just 200W.
Its long-life brushless motor has a life expectancy of 10,000 hours (enough to dry 3 million pairs of hands!)
Xlerator Eco Hand Dryer
Xlerator Eco

The Xlerator by Excel Dryer was the first of its kind and spawned the High Speed Low Energy Hand Dryer genre.
Its design has been much imitated and copied over the years but it remains one of the most popular hand dryers in this sector.
The Eco is the Ultra-low Energy version of the original.

Hygienic Hand Dryers

Even before COVID, hand dryer manufacturers were incorporating UVC sterilisers and HEPA filters into their dryers.
While some reports have circulated in recent years about the hygiene of hand dryers, this genre ensures the air you are drying your hands with is actually cleaner than the air you are breathing!
Dyson Airblade 9kJ HU03 HEPA Filtered
Dyson Airblade 9kJ

Dyson's newest hand dryer is the 9kJ - so named because it uses just 9kJ of energy to dry your hands.
This hand dryer is a break from the expected form for a hand dryer, mimicking its Wash & Dry Tap.
It uses the same hospital-grade HEPA-13 filters as its Dyson counterparts.
Aertek Triclone Hand Dryer
Aertek Triclone

Aertek Triclone is the fastest, most hygienic, hands-in hand dryer.
It has always performed toe-to-toe with the Dyson Airblade AB14 but with the demise of the latter Triclone has really moved into the frontrunning position.
Supplied as standard with HEPA-13 filters and Osmogen air freshening pods (which fragrance the air as it dries).
Airdri Puredri Sterilising Hand Dryer
Airdri PureDri

Airdri PureDri is the latest hand dryer from Airdri. It uses the same Ultra-low Energy motor as the Quantum but incorporates the UVC technology of the OXIZONE to purify the air and surroundings.
Aertek SlimDri SL03 HEPA Filtered Sterilising Hand Dryer
Aertek SlimDri SL03

Aertek SlimDri SL03 is a slimline, DDA-compliant hand dryer suitable for use even in accessible washrooms.
It uses UVC steriliser internally to purify the air after it has been drawn through 2 HEPA-13 filters.
Available in PVD finishes - a scratch and fade resistant electrically-coated colour which shows of the grain of the grade-304 stainless steel.

Low-noise Hand Dryers

Low noise hand dryers are desirable in many locations from schools to theatres and auditoriums to offices.
It has become a standard requirement for sensory areas in shopping malls, for example, so that they do not cause distress to those with heightened auditory senses.
Airdri Quazar Low Noise Hand Dryer
Airdri Quazar

Airdri Quazar is a GreenSpec listed hand dryer and ADA/DDA compliant at just 100mm projection.
It is low-noise at 70dB, quiet enough to be drowned out by conversation, so ideal for offices, closeproximity to quiet rooms and for those with sensory sensitivities
Warner Howard AirStream Whisper
Warner Howard AirStream Whisper

Warner Howard AirStream Whisper is one of the Quiet-Mark listed hand dryers meaning it compares favourably to its competitors with relation to sound level.
Aertek AirTap Hand Dryer
Aertek AirTap

Aertek AirTap uses the most recent development in the hand dryer market of allowing the user to dry their hands at the sink.
This means less space is required in the washroom and it keeps all the water at the sink area, not dripping across the floor.
Because the motor is housed underneath the sink and further away from your ears, there is a marked lowering of noise level.
Lovair Splashlab TSL3002
Splash Lab TSL3002

Splash Lab (Lovair) develop a range of high-end washroom products including their TSL3002.
This DDA compliant hand dryer operates at at the upper end of the low-noise category at 77dB.
It is available in a range of PVD finished including Bronze, Black, Brass/Gold and Copper.

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