Washroom Hygiene Products
Baby Changing Tables - Rubbermaid, Magrini, Continental

Baby Changing Units

Baby Changing facilities should be provided in an area that can be accessed by both male and female carers. Baby changing tables can be wall mounted or counter-top and provide a safe hygienic area to look after a child.
Coin-operated Hair Straightener Vending
Hair Straighteners
Popular for high-end establishments such as nightclubs and gyms, coin-operated or free-to-use vending units for hair striaghtenrs provide a facility normally found at home while on the go.
Commercial Heavy Duty Hair Dryers
Hair Dryers
The range of hair dryers for premises such as leisure centres and gyms includes vandal-resistant wall-mounted hair dryers, usually free-to-use but can also be coin-operated.
SUITMATE Swimsuit Dryer
SUITMATE Swimsuit Dryer
The SUITMATE swimswuit dryer has become an essential facility for the most discerning leisure centres, spas and gyms. No more wringing or dripping bathing suits or using plastic bags, simply place in the dryer to remove 95% of the water in just 8 seconds.

Washroom Dispensers

We can provide a range of washroom dispenser from budget friendly units to high-end washroom fixtures from the likes of Dolphin and Splash Lab.

All dispensers available in matching finishes from white plastic to chrome, stainless steel and new PVD stainless coloured surfaces.
Dolphin Hand Towel Dispenser
Hand Towel Dispensers
Hand Towel Dispensers are available in either white, grey or chromed plastic, polished or stain stainless steel or PVD coated stainless steel.
Prestige Stainless Steel Soap Dispensers
Soap Dispensers
Liquid or Foam Soap Dispensers are available in either white, grey or chromed plastic, polished or stain stainless steel or PVD coated stainless steel.
TSL Toilet Roll Dispenser
Toilet Roll Dispensers
Toilet Roll Dispensers in matching finishes to soap and hand towel for a range of toilet tissue type : standard, mini-jumbo and bulk-pack.
For more economical use, consider SmartOne or Interleaved dispensers which promote 1 tissue at a time to reduce overuse and waste.
Ora Automatic Dispensers
Automatic Dispensers
Automatic dispensers for soap or hand sanitiser reduce the risk of cross-contamination at common touchpoints. They also dispense the right amount each time to reduce wastage. Automatic, sensor dispensers are available for soap, sanitiser and hand towels

Sustainable Washroom Supplies

Reducing your paper use can lower your carbon footprint.
Installing 'Smart-one' or interleaved toilet tissue allows the user just one sheet at a time .

Interleaved (Z-fold) hand towel dispensers and automatic hand towel dispensers also dispense one sheet at a time rather than a hand full
- or eliminate hand towel use with a hand dryer.

Foam soap dispensers use less liquid per dispense.

Consider moving to sugarcane hand towels and toilet roll.
Sugarcane pulp is a waste product from sugar production which means you are not using virgin pulp from trees
or recycled paper which can be chemical-intensive.
Washroom Hygiene Consumables
Washroom Consumable Products
Our products provide a complete service from 'fit to fill'. Toilet roll, hand towel, soap and sanitiser to vending products and cleaning consumables.
STOPWRAP Urinal cover wrap
STOPWRAP Urinal Cover
If you suffer from overflowing and blocked urinals, you should be talking to us about converting to a waterless system which we will guarantee blockage, leakage and odour-free. In the meantime, if you need to close off a urinal, this urinal cover is so much better than than bags or tape.
Sustainable Washroom Products
Sustainable Washroom Supplies
While we all keep our eye on reducing our environmental impact on the environment, the market helps us lower our footprint with sustainable washroom products such as bamboo and sugarcane tissue products which are produced from industry by-products.
Hygi-Handle Hygienic Door Handles
Hygi-Handle Hygienic Door Handles
Hygi-Handle has been produced to provide confidence that whether the person before you has washed their hand properly, the door handle will be safe to use. Providing 24/7 protection against viruses and bacteria, the Hygi-Handle is activated by light without the need for chemical cleaners.

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