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FemiBin Sanitary Disposal Units

FemiBin Sanitary Disposal

Our FemiBin service is as standard a full bin swap on every visit - no more emptying and celaning in the washroom.
Toilet Seat Sanitiser : foam/wipes
Toilet Seat Sanitiser
Toilet seats can be an hygiene irritant for some. With a toilet seat sanitiser dispenser (either wipes or foam sanitiser) you can take a seat with confidence.
WC Toilet Sanitiser Activa
WC Cistern Sanitiser
Ensure the bowl is always fresh with cisten sanitiser. The system automatically doses the cistern with a sanitising fluid to ensure a fresh, celan flush.
Male Incontinence Sanitary Bin
Male Incontinence Bin
Sanitary disposal bins arent just for the female cubicles. With 1 in 3 of the population suffering from incontinence, it is now best practice to include disposal bin within male cubicles.

Tackling Period Poverty

With so many woman and girls unable to afford to buy period products, we can provide environmentally-friendly sanitary pads and tampons which can be provided for free by you to your customers using our free-to-vend dispensers.
BabyBin Nappy Disposal Unit
Nappy Disposal
Every establishment that welcomes in the public should have a facility for parents to change their baby. Nappy waste is a controlled waste and must be segregated into a separate waste stream for disposal.
Nappy Waste Disposal Nappy Bin Bulk
Bulk Nappy Disposal
For childcare facilities, the best option is to have a larger outdoor nappy bin. These can be emptied at a frequency that suits your usage. We will provide you with the yellow bags for placing inside your indoor bins.
Free-to-vend Sanitary Vending tackling period poverty
Vending Machines
Vending machines come a range of sizes for either coin-operated vending or more recently free-to-vend models for tackling period poverty
Aertek Natural Oil Aromatherapy Air Fresheners
Natural Oil Air Fresheners
Our natural oil air fresheners do not use aerosols or chemical sprays. They are better for those who suffer from asthma or allergies and are better for the environment.

Reduce Water - Cut Carbon

Every cubic metre of water (m3) contributes to between 10-15kg of CO2 being released into the atmosphere.

By reducing your water usage, you not only reduce premises costs, but also lower you environmental impact.

For example, an uncontrolled urinal can flush up to 500,000 litres of water per year, that's equivalent to at least 5 tons of CO2
(at a cost to you of almost £1500 !)
URIFRESH ECO Waterless Urinal
Waterless Urinals
Our URIFRESH ECO waterless urinal system is the most effective waterless urinal system ever. We are so confident in it we provide free callout and labour if you ever suffer from odours, blockages or leaks.
Semi-Waterless Urinals sanisleeve envirosleeve
Semi-Waterless Urinals
While we can convert almost every urinal to waterless, for those that cant, we can provide the closest thing. Using UriFlush technology, we can automatically reduce your water wastage. The URIFRESH BIO cartridge reduces uric salt build up and maintains fresheness.
UriSan Urinal Sanitiser Activa Kennedy Cistern Doser
Urinal Sanitiser
While it is not possible to convert some urinals to waterless, a further option is to dose the urinal cistern with a sanitising fluid to ensure every flush washes the urinal with a freshening, cleaning fluid. Can be used in conjunction with UriFlush system to reduce water wastage.
Urinal P-Mat Urinal Screens
Urinal P-Mat Screens
Urinal P-Mats are ever popular. They not only capture debris before it enters the urinal system, reducing blockages. The P-Mat also contains a freshening fragrance and can be used in conjunction with URIFRESH waterless or semi-waterless UriFlush systems.

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